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Portfolio: Elminster by shiprock Portfolio: Elminster by shiprock
My new piece for my portfolio, this is my interpretation of Elminster from Dungeons and Dragons (©Wizard of the Coast) 
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LivingArtifact Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015
And in case you ever wonder how much Gandalf & Elminster have in common for different reasons, here it is as seen below...

1: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar lived many different lives (Gandalf was originally a Maia of Manwë the Wind-King, Varda the Star-Queen, Irmo the Dream-Master and Nienna the Weeper named Olórin while Elminster lived the life of a
banguard, a thief, a priestess named Elmara and eventually became a Arch Mage of Shadowdale)
2: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are both immortal and are over 1,000 some years old (Gandalf's immortality is due to the fact he's a Maiar and was at least 1,000 years old as Gandalf despite being "much more older" while
Elminster Aumar's Immortality is due to the fact he's a Chosen of Mystra and is at least 1267)
3: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are Campaigners (Gandalf is known to convoke The Fellowship of The Ring to destroy The One Ring & lead the Free People in the final campaign of The War of The Ring while Elminster Aumar
despite the setbacks caused by The Spellplague continued his camapign among with Storm Silverhand to save Faerûn)
4: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are both known to give advice (for one example, Gandalf's one piece of advice involves "Do not be quick to deal out a death sentence" while Elminster Aumar's one piece of advice involves "Well...
you can always use a scroll of resurrection")
5: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are both known for smoking pipes as part of a habit....... pretty often (no joke, they would be able to smoke as often as they wish without suffering the ill effects of long-term smoking due to there godly
Constitution ratings)
6: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are both known for horsemanship (Gandalf is known to ride Shadowfax, The Lord of All Horses while Elminster Aumar is known for poor horsemanship)
7: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are Masters of The White Flame (Gandalf being the Master of The Flame of Anor while Elminster being the Master of a granted power called The Silver Fire which once unleashed releases a beam of
magical whitish flame)
8: Gandalf & Elminster Aumar are legitimate iconic Fantasy Sword-Wielding Wizards based off of Merlin albeit for different reasons (without a single doubt for different reasons with Elminster Aumar coming right after Gandalf himself thus pointing out that Elminster AUmar is Gandalf's Ultimate Imitator)

What you see above is legitimate research which points out how much those two have in common for different reasons, I have to admit you did an extortionately well done job with this drawing.
fallenepitaph Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
this is actually the best Elminster I've seen.
shiprock Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks fallenepitaph :)
LivingArtifact Featured By Owner May 21, 2015
The way he's colored and posed kind of reminds me of Gandalf, and Elminster just happens to be Gandalf's Ultimate Imitator albeit for different reasons.
RedneckDoUrden Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
What, no red? Usually every picture of the Old Mage has him wearing something red.

Wonderful picture, and I feel sorry for whoever is going to get a can of whoop-hide opened up on them (Manshoon, most likely).
hirozai Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Superb. You can feel the magical energy emanating from the image. The light blue hue really creates a sensation of power throughout the entire piece. The faded sigil in the back really brings the attention forward to his staff and eyes. Simply awesome.
Jacob-Cross Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Cool :)
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